सर्व शेतकरी बांधवांना विनंती
सध्या वातावरण ढगाळ आहे आणि यानंतर धुके येण्याची शक्यता आहे. त्यामुळे, सध्या किमान स्पर्श जन्य बुरशी नाशकाची फवारणी होणे अत्यंत गरजेचे आहे. या वातावरणामध्ये पाण्याचा ताण पडू देऊ नये.
Antracoll 2.5gm+roket /परमिट 99 1ml+ सिलिकॉन 2.5 gm प्रति लिटर
साफ 2.5 gms + डेसिस 1 ml / इमिडा 0.5 ml + सिलिकॉन 2.5 gm प्रति लिटर या प्रमाणा मध्ये फवारणी करावी.
आणि शक्य असल्यास:
ड्रीप ने 0:52:34 - 3 kg + सिलिकॉन 500 gm + Metexil 200 gm या प्रमाणामध्ये द्यावे.
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Om Gayatri Group

A leading Indian agri-business offering:
High quality seeds, seedlings and allied inputs to farmers and;
Fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables to consumers
Our Companies

Om Gayatri Group was founded in 2009 on the belief that, farmers, consumers and the environment must thrive symbiotically.

We have therefore built all our businesses around obvious mutual extensions and profitable coexistence covering crucial stages of the agri value-chain.

Our Companies

Explore our agri-businesses bound by a common vision and commitment.

High quality and disease-free fruit, vegetable and flower seedlings.

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Residue-free, wholesome fruits and vegetables for discerning global consumers.

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Providing the right agro-chemicals and implements at fair prices in a timely manner.

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Scientifically treated and disease-free seedlings and saplings generated through bench grafting technology.

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How two intrepid brothers built an agri-business from scratch.

It was 2009 and young Madhukar and his brother Rajendra were scouting for entrepreneurial opportunities. With their family based in Nashik, the horticulture hub of western India, and a background steeped in agriculture, building an agri-business was a natural choice for the Gavali brothers.

Om Gayatri Nursery started in 2009 to supply high quality, disease-free seedlings of various horticultural crops. For Om Gayatri Nursery, the sale of saplings wasn’t the end but a new beginning. We fortified our relationships with farmers by offering them timely advisory, field visits and training sessions to update their knowledge.

The success of the Nursery spurred us to launch Om Gayatri Farmers Producer Company in 2016. With strong knowledge of horticultural best practices and enduring relationships with farmers, the Farmers Producer Company successfully exports residue-free fresh produce globally.

With an increasing demand from farmers for authentic and fairly-priced agro-chemicals, Om Gayatri Agro Mall was started in January 2020. Besides selling the right agro-chemicals, we also offered farmers contemporary lab testing facilities for soil, water and petiole.

In line with our commitment to using the latest scientific and proven technologies, we launched Om Gayatri Bench Tech in August 2020 to provide resilient and healthy seedlings and saplings made with bench grafting technology.

With a rising population, increasing lifespans and increasing standard of living, agri-enterprises will only become more pivotal in time to come. Om Gayatri Group still has a long way to go.

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Om Gayatri Nursery participating actively participating in Krishithon 2023, with huge number of farmers visiting stall.

Visit of Dr.Pravinji Gedam Agriculture Commissnor along with his associates.

Krishithon 2023 Om Gayatri Nursery flash brightly-colored.

Bhumi Pujan of Om Gayatri Farmer Producer Co. Ltd new project of " Packhouse and Cold Storage Facility."

Discussing promising new global opportunities at Asia Fruit Logistica, Hong Kong, China between 6th and 8th September 2023.

Celebrating India's 77th Independence Day

One Day Awareness Program and Seminar on
Foundation ( April ) pruning by NHB and KVK,Nashik.

Fruit Logistica [Berlin] 2023

Om Gayatri Group participated in the recently-concluded Fruit Logistica 2023 held in Berlin, Germany. We received a strong interest in Indian-cultivated fresh produce exports.

Review of Adam Zatco A visitor from European Country Slovakia

Adam Zatco, a Slovak student of London University of Agriculture and Business Administration, expressing satisfaction with Om Gayatri Nursery's production technique.


Bharat Vikas Group MD's Visit

Hanmant Ramdas Gaikwad recently paid his visit to Om Gayatri Nursery. Bharat Vikas Group is an integrated service operations company started in 1997 with the aim of creating job opportunities for rural people.

Shri.Ankush Shinde

Review of Shri Ankush Shinde (IPS)
Commissioner of Police, Nashik while visiting Om Gayatri Group.

Careers at Om Gayatri Group

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
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